Here at Shaolin Ireland everyone starts at white belt regardless of prior training. In the beginner belt levels, you start with the very basics of martial arts training, learning how to properly execute techniques such as different punches, kicks, sweeps, take downs, etc. You will also learn strategies of when to use those techniques and what are the best targets for each of them.

As a beginner at Shaolin Ireland you will be introduced to a variety of different styles both internal and external, such as Tai Chi Chuan, Tiger, Crane, Northern & Southern Fist, and many more, as well as classical weapons techniques & forms such as staff, & nunchucku. 

At the beginning levels, we separate the internal aspects from the external to help facilitate a better understanding of the concepts in each one. However, it will become very clear how the two are interdependent, working together in its uniqueness to create this very powerful and beautiful martial art.

As you advance in your training you will learn and train with more complex techniques and forms from a never-ending number of Shaolin styles.

We do offer an “Internal Arts” program & memberships for those who wish to train in styles such as Tai Chi Chuan, Hou Tien Chi, Hua To 5 Animal Qi Gong, etc. for the meditative, mindfulness, relaxation and wellbeing benefits.

For more information about these and other styles of Kung Fu taught within the Shaolin Art, please come by and visit Shaolin Ireland during class hours, email us at [email protected], or find us on Instagram or Facebook as “Shaolin Ireland

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