le Chang Ming

Ie Chang Ming
(1880 – 1976)

Grandmaster Ie Chang Ming was admitted to the Fujian temple as a young boy, and like Grandmaster Su poured all of his time and energy into his martial training, studying under Grandmaster Su both at the Southern Shaolin Temple and in the Fujianese mountains following the burning of the temple early in the 20th century.

One evening while Grandmaster Ie was traveling through the countryside he decided to take a shortcut through an apparently abandoned military encampment, only to be accosted by a pair of sentries. Eventually the group of soldiers surrounding Grandmaster Ie grew to 11, and the situation escalated into a fight resulting in the deaths of all 11 soldiers. A price was put on Grandmaster Ie’s head, so he fled mainland China to Indonesia, where he lived and taught the Shaolin art until his passing in 1976.