Pub Quiz & Raffle 11 Feb 2018

Yes, I’m late in posting this! Regardless there was GREAT fun had at our Pub Quiz & Raffle to raise money to bring Grand Master The back to Ireland in October. We even had a good turn out from “career” pub quiz competitors! The raffle prizes that were donated were AMAZING! They included a dinner for at the Quay Co-Op, 2 GORGEOUS cakes made by Ruby & Ava, a gift basket by Frank, treat bag from Hendrick and many more! Sure the questions were hard, so they tell me, but they were hard for everyone so at least the playing field was even! All said  and done we managed to  raise enough money to pay for the Grand Master’s accommodation while he is here! Unfortunately, so busy with my feeble attempt at quiz matering that I totally spaced taking photos. I had to nab the photos of the cake from the ones who won them!

 cake 1         cake 2



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