What A Turn Out Sat 27 Jan 18

What an Amazing turn out for Beginning Belt class on Sat 27 Jan 18! I can go on and on about how proud I am of the students and how honoured I am to be their instructor. Through out the last 10 years like many other schools we’ve had our ups and down while being processed through a meat grinder. There were times when I thought I would have to close the school. There were days that not a single student showed up. But on Saturday all the trials and tribulations that this school has been through was all worth it to see a record number of students show up. I know that the road is going to rough, but I’m confident in the students to navigate through the bumpy bits. Here’s the biggest shout I can give on line to all the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Students past present and future!



First Day Back In Classes 2018


First day back. What a great set of classes! Well Done to all the students that showed today! The first day back from the Winter break is the 2nd hardest class to show up for. (The first? Well, the hardest class to show up for is the very first class you ever take in Shaolin.)

We all do it. We have grand plans to train hard, over the Winter the break, but with the festive season, we indulge and for good reason. So coming back after all the cakes, and sweets, and gravy, and chocolate and more cakes and…. It’s hard.  But we all have to remember that WE ALL DO IT and when you show up for that first day back you know that EVERYONE is in the same boat to suffer thought together!