10 Years In The Making

Here is another post that I’m rather late in writing, though we are still celebrating our 10 yea anniversary. The actual date was on back on 14th February. I want to go on and on and say how amazing it all has been and list off all the supporters, and, contributors over the years, as well as an agonizingly long Thank You list as if we won an Oscar or a Grammy. But I hope we showed our utmost appreciation at the time to such and extend that this post would simply be overkill.

The truth of the matter, as well, is that it hasn’t been all amazing. We’ve gone through some really rocky times. We practically had to start over 3x. So fingers crossed that 3rd times a charm! As the instructor, there were times that I my motivation and enthusiasm waned, where I wanted to let it all go, for the security of a 9 to 5 job and a steady paycheck. But we all stuck it out and made it through! Now I wouldn’t give this up .. .I just won’t.

At risk at sounding cliché, the road ahead will not be easy, but it sure will be interesting! Here’s to 10 Years In The Making! And here’s 10 More Years To Make!

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